Fragrant Chicken Thighs
The marinade for this dish is both simple and effective as it can make your BBQ chicken thighs unbelievably flavorful and juicy. A savory combination of chili pepper sauce, maple syrup, soy sauce, and rice vinegar will delight anyone. Try now and let your close one enjoy the taste!
15 min + 20 min + 3 h 30 min refigerating
Main dish
Garlic – 1 clove (or more, to taste), sliced
Asian chili pepper sauce (like sambal ulek) – 2 tsp., or more, to taste
Maple syrup – 1 ½ tbsp.
Soy sauce – 2 tbsp.
Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp.
Rice vinegar – 3 tbsp.
Salt – to taste
Black pepper – to taste, freshly ground
Chicken thighs – 2 lb., skinless, boneless
1 lime, cut into 8 wedges
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