Discover the most inspiring recipes
Delicious Chicken Potpies
Cook savory and family-friendly chicken potpies - this is the best recipe for a perfect Sunday dinner at home!
Creamy Seafood Lasagna
Bet you have never tasted anything as delicious and tender as this creamy seafood lasagna!
Good Old Marble Cake
Chocolate and vanilla blend together to create the richest taste ever!
Moroccan Meatball and Sweet Potato Soup
Tiny meatballs and sweet potatoes cooked in chicken broth – undoubtedly, it is a perfect dinner idea for your kids!
Baked Cod with Potatoes
It takes a while to prepare cod this way but it’s very yummy! Note that you can use any white fish fillets – bass, hake, or haddock.
No-Fail Shrimp and Pea Paella
You can use a mixture of paprika and turmeric as a cheaper alternative to expensive saffron.
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