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Healthy Coleslaw
No heavy mayonnaise dressing, no unattainable ingredients, no cooking fuss – enjoy this simple, quick and super healthy coleslaw!
Healthy Beetroot Relish
This vitamin-packed side dish goes especially great with any lamb entrée.
Easy Broccoli Gnocchi
15 min is quite enough to prepare this creamy and delectable broccoli gnocchi! Easy, gentle, and vegetarian!
Savory Egg and Chili Sandwich
It’s not a new idea to cook fried eggs on toast. Why not make it a bit more special adding a few secret ingredients?
Fall Vegetable Soup
This delectable low-calorie autumn soup is a wonderful option for your warming lunch. Accompanied by cheesy toasts, it will fill your stomach and your heart!
Spicy Chunky Guacamole
If you love garlic flavored food, use two cloves instead of one.