Discover the most inspiring recipes
Original Pineapple Banana Bread
You can hardly think of a better breakfast idea than a cup of hot coffee and a slice of delicious pineapple banana bread!
Sweet Potato Chips
This easy gluten-free vegan snack won’t take you more than 10 minutes to cook. Just roast potato slices in olive oil and enjoy them!
Egg and Tomatoes Toast Topper
This delectable dish is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Scrambled eggs on toast will please both kids and adults and will take you only 5 min to prepare.
Frozen Fruit Salad with Nuts
This 15-minute recipe that will satisfy your craving for something refreshing and light after a scorcher!
Salmon Burgers with Basil
Quick and easy salmon burgers will provide you with important amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids.
Mexican Kidney Bean Burgers
These vegetarian burgers are a self-contained culinary masterpiece, but you can also serve them on hamburger buns with tomatoes and lettuce.