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Cheesy Mustard Stuffed Chicken
These tender chicken breasts wrapped with thin bacon slices are especially delicious when served on a bed of celeriac mash or with steamed asparagus.
Blackberry Shortcake
This yummy blackberry dessert with clotted cream will become an excellent addition to your lunch or dinner!
Savory Tex-Mex Eggs
The dish is perfect for a vegetarian dinner: easy, quick, and hearty. A gentle combination of spices and herbs will make the recipe even more delectable!
Sweet Potato with Avocado and Eggs
Has your spiralizer been on the shelf for long? Its time has finally come! Use it to cook a simple a quick dinner for your loved ones this fall.
Welsh Rarebit Toasts
Are you looking for a perfect supper snack recipe? We’ve found one for you! This comforting food is extremely easy-to-cook and incredibly tasty!
Pot Noodle with Smoky Bacon
Once you try these easy-to-cook low-fat flavored noodles you’ll never want to eat the ready-made instant version again!