Discover the most inspiring recipes
Egg and Tomatoes Toast Topper
This delectable dish is sure to satisfy your taste buds! Scrambled eggs on toast will please both kids and adults and will take you only 5 min to prepare.
Easy Broccoli Gnocchi
15 min is quite enough to prepare this creamy and delectable broccoli gnocchi! Easy, gentle, and vegetarian!
Savory Egg and Chili Sandwich
It’s not a new idea to cook fried eggs on toast. Why not make it a bit more special adding a few secret ingredients?
Spicy Egg Rolls
You can cook this meal for almost every occasion and serve it as the main dish for your lunch or supper or as an appetizer for your outdoor party!
Spicy Chicken Meatballs
Serve the chicken meatballs alongside a light side dish, e.g. a vegetable salad.
Delicious Pollo al Ajillo (Garlic Chicken) with Potatoes
Bet, tender garlic chicken on a bed of potato chunks will leave no one indifferent!
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