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Easy Sausage and Vegetable Casserole
A simple and delicious idea for a comforting midweek meal. A savory combination of sausages and vegetables will satisfy your hunger in a snap of fingers.
Chili Con Carne with Kidney Beans
This yummy recipe is especially good when served over rice.
Delicious Prickled Pork
Try this recipe to build your perfect sandwich!
Zesty Sausage Spaghetti
Serve this tasty sausage spaghetti sprinkled with parmesan cheese alongside with a fresh and light summer salad or steamed asparagus and broccoli.
Gourmet Pasta de Sardine
This classic combo of pasta and canned sardines is truly delicious and satisfying!
Hearty Cabbage Rolls
Cabbage and meat is a no-fail combo, so it’s only natural that homemade cabbage rolls are a very popular recipe!
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