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Creamy Christmas Chocolate Fudge
This festive homemade fudge is delicious, creamy, and sweet! Cook it this Christmas and surprise your guests with a merry Christmas dessert!
Chocolate Chip Christmas Cookies
These chocolate chip cookies are sure to be a hit this Christmas! Their crisp edges and chewy middles are destined to make your and your guests’ mouths water!
Super Quick Mocha Pots
The lipsmacking mixture that includes chocolate, double cream, and crème fraiche is perfect for your weekday dinner or weekend party.
Sweet Apple Tart
Choose this delectable flat apple tart with lemon and vanilla to surprise your guests and to please your close ones.
Mega Chocolate Cake
If you are looking for a perfect birthday cake, do try this no-fail recipe – you won’t be disappointed!
Classic Raisin Walnut Scones
Use only simple ingredients to make crowd-pleasing scones that are especially good when served with strawberry jam, butter or clotted cream!
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