Discover the most inspiring recipes
Chicken Pot Pies with Leek
These tiny pastry pies in a creamy sauce are great for a party or for a light family dinner. Cheese, leek, and chive make a great combination.
Cheesy Mustard Stuffed Chicken
These tender chicken breasts wrapped with thin bacon slices are especially delicious when served on a bed of celeriac mash or with steamed asparagus.
Crockpot Chicken with Lemon and Garlic
A flavorful chicken dish cooked with easily available ingredients according to a healthy method.
Roasted Vegetable Rice
If you’re eager to vary your fall menu you may start with this easy, nutritious, and appetizing dish!
Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Blue Cheese
This simple yet non-traditional recipe is destined to become your culinary masterpiece. You only need four ingredients to cook this midweek meal!
Spicy Chicken Meatballs
Serve the chicken meatballs alongside a light side dish, e.g. a vegetable salad.
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