10 Must-Try Foods of Spain

Discovering and trying out new foods is probably one of the best parts of traveling. Traditional techniques of cooking, ingredients, and dishes can tell you about Spanish culture as much as sightseeing. If you are planning to visit Spain but the only dish that comes to your mind when thinking about its cuisine is paella, then this article is just the thing for you!

Tortilla Española

Start your first day in Spain off right with the most typical Spanish breakfast dish - tortilla Española. The main advantage of this yummy recipe is that it takes only three simple ingredients to cook it! Just fry potatoes and onions and, when the vegetables are tender, add beaten eggs… ta-da! the iconic satisfying Spanish omelet is ready! Add the tortilla Española recipe to your arsenal!

Tostas de tomate y jamón

Tostas de tomate y jamón is probably the best idea of a traditional Spanish dish you can snack on! This quick and easy Catalan dish made with ripe tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and bread tastes delicious both when served on its own or with thin slices of Ibérico ham on the top! Add the tostas de tomate y jamón recipe to your arsenal!

Patatas Bravas

Vegetarian or not, you are bound to try classic patatas bravas while visiting Spain! The main ingredient for this dish is potatoes cut in irregular chunks and served with spicy sauces – a mixture of pimentón, or Spanish paprika, flour, stock, and olive oil. There are tens of regional variations of patats bravas – some recipes use garlic, while, according to others, you should add a drizzle of fino sherry. Add the patatas bravas recipe to your arsenal!

Pollo al ajillo

Wondering what makes Spanish cuisine truly Spanish? Garlic! Lots of garlic! Take a look at this traditional garlic chicken recipe! The secret to making the tastiest garlic chicken is to fry unpeeled cloves of garlic to make garlic-infused olive oil; then discard the cloves just before you add chicken pieces to the skillet! So easy yet so flavor-packed and delicious! Add the pollo al ajillo recipe to your arsenal!

Gambas al ajillo

Gambas al ajillo, or prawns with garlic, is probably the best dish to try for a seafood fan! Not only does it smell and look delicious, but it also tastes heavenly! Surely, the dish is rather simple to recreate it at home, but nothing can be compared with freshly caught Mediterranean prawns! Add the gambas al ajillo recipe to your arsenal!

Cochinillo asado

Segovia is famous not only for its gorgeous castles and cathedrals, but also for cochinillo asado, a roast suckling pig, its identifying symbol. In Segovia, they still use good old wood-fired ovens to prepare the dish so that you could enjoy the meat tender enough to cut with a spoon! Add the cochinillo asado recipe to your arsenal!


Perhaps, the best pisto is served in small towns and villages located in the plains of La Mancha. The dish is made of reddest and ripe tomatoes fried together with onions, eggplants or courgettes, peppers, and, of course, garlic. Sometimes, pisto is served with chorizo or fried eggs which makes the dish more satisfying and filling. Add the pisto recipe to your arsenal!


Every country has its own iconic dishes, and when it comes to Spain, paella is definitely one of them. One of the world’s most famous dishes originated in Valencia but it has lots of regional variations. So, since it’s almost impossible to try all of them, traditional Valencian paella consisting of bomba rice, rabbit or chicken, saffron, runner beans and butter beans, is a must-eat Spanish dish! Add the paella recipe to your arsenal!

Gazpacho and Salmorejo

Feel exhausted after a long hot day sightseeing? There is something that will certainly refresh you and boost your energy. Made of ripe juicy tomatoes, bread olive oil, garlic, and pepper blended together until a homogeneous mixture is achieved, gazpacho is a popular cold and refreshing soup widely eaten in all regions of Spain, especially in Andalucía. You can get it in any café, bar, restaurant, or supermarket. Besides this, most cafes serve salmorejo as well – it’s a thicker version of gazpacho with slices of Ibérico ham on the top. Add the gazpacho recipe to your arsenal!


Hope you’ve saved some room for dessert! Turrón is a type of almond nougat you will certainly fall in love with at first bite! Traditionally, it is made of honey, egg whites, sugar, and almonds or other nuts. There are two variations of turron, so make sure to taste the both of them – jijona has a smooth and soft texture while Alicante turrón contains almond pieces. Add the turrón recipe to your arsenal!

Hope, this article will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

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